Mission Statement

“We are here to serve you.”

What the Mission Statement means to us.

- National Bank & Trust is a team of knowledgeable leaders from and for the community, serving as a model of friendly and professional service, while providing a comprehensive range of quality banking and investment products to our customers.

Superior Customer Service

-Being knowledgeable of the financial products and services that we provide to our customers and community.

-Creating a frictionless environment that provides a consistent, high-quality experience for all.

-Approaching each customer with a level of optimism and positive attitude that goes above and beyond their expectations.

-Having the customer feel like every interaction is equally important and is being handled in a professional manner.

-Delivering a degree of hospitality that sets us apart, and that creates lasting relationships for future generations.


-Seeking accountability at all levels to ensure honesty, transparency, and effectiveness in everything we do.

-Being self-aware how the quality of our work impacts the quality of service we provide.

-Communicating and cooperating effectively to ensure we honor our commitments to our team, our customers, and our community.

-Understanding that all team members are required to take ownership of their demeanor, actions, and decisions.

-Cultivating a rapport, as a financial institution that is honest, responsible, and dedicated to the communities that we serve.


-Communicating and showing support to each other so that we can combine individual strengths to enhance performance.

-Placing trust in all team members to create and maintain a positive, efficient, and respectful workplace.

-Inspiring team members to better themselves, creating opportunities for organizational advancement.

-Uniting to create a cohesive and productive environment for team members to thrive, while working collectively towards a common goal.


-Knowing all our actions reflect on the organization, and acknowledging that character matters.

-Choosing to act with consistency, regardless of time, company, or place.

-Being honest enough to admit when we have made an error.

-Recognizing that technical abilities does not make up for a lack of moral and ethical standards.

-Demonstrating high moral and ethical standards even when no one is watching.


-Committing ourselves to lasting, loyal relationships that are earned through honest and open communication.

-Believing in oneself and in others to create a dependable and efficient work environment that encourages an open exchange of ideas to deliver solutions.

-Demonstrating consistency between our promises and actions to the community we serve. -Following through on ones commitments to our teammates and customers.

-Understanding that trust is hard to earn, but is established by team members implementing the bank’s core values to maintain a vision that resonates with our customers.